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Vital Distraction, LLC was formed in early 2002.


Brought together by the management team from MAXON USA, publishers of Cinema 4D, the founding members included the Vice-President of Sales, the Manager of Tech Support and the two best members of his staff.


VitalĀ“s first jobs included a PlayStation demo for E3, a music video for Richard X and the previsualization for Flight of the Phoenix.


Vital quickly became known for precision cg done at lightning speed, incredible previsualization for the motion picture industry saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in production time, while producing award-nominated broadcast motion graphics.


More recent work includes video wall animations for the 2012 Peoples' Choice Awards and the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, IDs for the Sky Network, along with a multitude of motion graphics work for high profile companies like Cake Studios, Motor Entertainment, Reality Check Systems and Imaginary Forces.


Vital Distraction can bring your 3D visuals and motion graphics to life quickly and proficiently at surprisingly affordable hourly, daily or weekly rates.


Let us become vital to your work flow...


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